Ergonomics & Human Computer Interaction

User cognitive state can be used as an evaluation metric for HCI interfaces; taking the example of software user interface, EEG tests can provide powerful measures on user mental workload and frustration that may derive from a task complication.
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Ergonomics and UI Development

UX/UI & Usability Services

Many of our projects begin with an existing practice, website, app, product or piece of software which has been developed without user-informed evidence. We then analyze your needs and define an action plan on the types of studies that will answer your requirements, from field research, in-depth interview, focus groups and surveys. Read more

Advanced EEG & Eye Tracking Tools

Advanced Tools

Our Researchers will work closely with you to bring a more complete understanding of the User Experience. Our Usability inspection uses advanced UX tools such as eye-tracking, biometric sensors and brain-sensing systems (EEG) to detect the usability flaws of your product or service, and provide you with quantifiable reports including heat maps and mental workload indices. Read more

EEG and Eye Tracking Packages

EEG and Eye Tracking Data Packages

To better serve your needs, we divided our Services into different packages and workshops that can be tailored to your requirements, we also offer bundled packages and custom made packages depending on your needs. Read more

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